What’s in a number?

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This post, like most of the others was written completely off the cuff, so please excuse me if it gets a little rambling in places. 

What is success?

Is it truly subjective or is there one unified definition? I feel people will say the definition is subjective, and I believe that’s how it should be, yet most people still hold themselves to a higher, often unattainable standard. Not everyone is going to be a millionaire mogul or is even capable of dragging themselves out of debt before they die, not everyone finishes college, has kids, gets married. Not everyone even wants these things. But does that mean they’ve failed some how?

Success is the accomplishment of a goal, one that should be your own, not a standard to hold yourself up to that doesn’t even truly reflect your wants and needs. For me, success would be me publishing. To write out the stories I have in my head, share them and see what comes. Making money would be ideal, but that’s not how I would define it. I’d like to have my own clean, quiet space and a dog and I would consider that successful. That’s all I need to be happy. For other people, they’re dreams are more illustrious and are difficult to come by. But that leads me to my next question.

Does success have a time limit?

Is there an actual peak? If you don’t have kids or or get married or reach a certain level at your job by the time you’re 30, does that make you a failure? If this is the thing you want, more than anything, if you haven’t achieved it by the time you pass a certain date, does that mean you should give up on it? Or should you reevaluate your goals and your idea of success?

Why does everything have a time limit? Why are things dictated by age? Things are supposed to stop and start after a certain time? I don’t think there’s a solid answer to any of this… It’s just something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.