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Writing’s in my blood

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[If you know me personally and have heard me talk about all this before, feel free to skip lol]

As far back as I can remember, I loved writing, even if I wasn’t ready to call it that, yet. I used to make up stories in my head or with the few action figures and dolls my brothers and I had between us. I can’t remember when I first started trying to put this stuff down on paper, but I do recall my 4th grade teacher putting a heavy emphasis on writing. (more…)

A Brief How-To On Encouraging Content Creators of All Kinds

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Just a little PSA because people seem confused by what is and isn’t helpful when it comes to helping or being encoraging to those of us who put ourselves out there to create things to share with the world or just groups of friends. The takeaway from this isn’t that encouragement is direly needed (though it does help) but the things in the “not encouraging” section can often be discouraging. I honestly would have preferred these individuals feigned ignorance completely rather than do those things. (more…)

Big-ish News

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So I’ve been sitting in this for a while, but I think I can finally let this slip. I finished up the manuscript for Noxus back in November before Thanksgiving here in the US, and sent it off for review before Christmas. A few days ago, I got the final version back and on Monday, I filed the copyright!

Now while that takes some time to go through, I don’t have to wait for it to complete before I finish. As soon as my cover is complete, Rendezvous on Noxus will be available for purchase! (I pretty sure I’m not alone when I say finally.)

To celebrate, in the coming weeks in going to give away some goodies including free electronic copies of the book, stickers, and more on Facebook, tumblr and twitter. Stay tuned!


So over this weather

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So I’m back in NY and have been for a while (due to some unforeseen circumstances) and I’m missing California terribly. I had to run out to Burlington Coat Factory last night to buy a winter coat because I’ve been drifting around for a few years without a proper one. The love of my life, a midcalf length (and on a woman of my height, that’s a feat) fitted, brown wool coat, bit the dust some years ago and I’ve been trying to find a replacement, without success, ever since. I’ve had some ones I’ve been able to wear in a pinch, but due to my recent GAINS (SO to Planet Fitness) they aren’t fitting how they used to.

So last night I ran out in as many layer as I could find, trying to make sure I found something that would accommodate me at my most bulky. It took some time, but I found something I could wear out and I’m so glad I did. By the time I got home, around 9pm it was 17 degrees.


When I got up this morning, it was 12 degrees. I don’t want to think about the windchill. I honestly can’t remember feeling anything this cold since Junior High (though I’m sure my memory is just being selective). Last year, this was not a concern at all. I could go out in a medium weight jacket and a hood and be good to go and this was with walking most places. There were few things I missed about New York(bahn mis!), and the weather was definitely not one of them.

I’m so over this mess. I’ve got to get out of here.


Keeping Busy

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It’s been 8 months since I started doing this writing thing full time and I’ve got to say, it’s lonely work. Long hours and I’m lucky if I get three pages a day! I start when I get up in the morning and stop around lunch time, but that’s not the only thing I do. Working in solitary (more that i don’t answer to anyone but me, not that I’m the only one in the room) has a high risk of stagnation. Looking at words on a page, listening to music, and occasionally watching TV aren’t the most inspiring activities, even if it helps me move forward. Writing is far from the only thing I do. While that’s the most fulfilling action I’m doing these days, i’ve got a lot of other things going in an attempt to keep my mind active.

Some years ago, I picked up a guitar and the game Rocksmith with the intention of learning the basics. I’m not virtuoso, but I’ve gotten some decent sized blisters and I’ve got a few chords memorize. I’m also teaching myself Japanese and that’s going a little better. I’ve picked it up and down before, but it seems like it’s really sticking this time. I’ve started sketching and I’m doing more cooking, and in general, I feel more well-rounded. Things might not be what they were financially before, but the sense of doing things on my own time, feeling like I’m bettering myself without having to squeeze it in between sleeping and work makes all the difference.

As corny as it sounds, I was earning a (meager) living before, but now iI feeel alive.


Beyond Books Meme

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Yup! Another meme! I thought this one was a little more interesting and spoke a little more about my all around tastes, give a little more insight to me as a person.

What are 15 of your favourite movies?

  1. Little Shop of Horrors
  2. Pacific Rim
  3. The Fifth Element
  4. District 9
  5. Doom
  6. Black Dynamite
  8. The Man From Nowhere
  9. The Host (Korean Movie)
  10. The Cornetto Trilogy (cheating. don’t care)
  11. All the Paranormal Activity movies except the 3rd one
  12. EVENT HORIZON (watch this!)
  13. Teddy Bear
  14. Black Fish

What are 10 shows that you watch?

  1. Portlandia
  2. 12 Signs of Love
  3. Revolution
  4. Transformers Prime
  5. Venture Brothers
  6. Aquateen Hunger Force (or whatever it’s called these days)
  7. Adventure Time
  8. Bob’s Burgers
  9. Free!
  10. Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

I was tempted to just put K-Dramas in large letters but I held off. Be proud of me.

What are 15 bands/artists that you listen to?

  1. Panic! At the Disco
  2. Mumford & Sons
  3. alt-J
  4. Tegan & Sara
  5. Sylvan Esso
  6. Robyn
  7. The Neighbourhood
  8. The Four Tops
  9. Al Green
  10. Amy Winehouse
  11. Lana Del Rey
  12. Major Lazer
  13. Sea Wolf
  14. Daft Punk
  15. Royksopp

3 things that you are passionate about (hobbies/interests)?

  1. Ramen
  2. Hating/judging/trying to understand things I’m not close enough to be biased about
  3. researching weird things on the internet

This whole list would have been easier if it asked about things I don’t like


Book Meme

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Over on tumblr, I was tagged in a meme where you list 10 books that have impacted your life in someway. You were then supposed to tag 10 more people and blah-se-blah. It took me a while to get this done, but I thought I’d share it here, too. So here are my 10 books that have stuck with me for some way and reasons why. These aren’t meant to be knocks against specific author’s, just my honest opinions. (more…)


Too Many Cooks

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When I started telling people I was working on a book, I was met with mixed responses. Most people were surprised, a few were apathetic and even fewer wanted to help. Since writing wasn’t my major and I know there’s much that I don’t know, I was super receptive to any advice people had to offer, either personally or in advice from online site and forums devoted to writing. I was like a sponge, soaking up everything  tossed my way. The problem with that was I didn’t know what to cast aside. (more…)

Comfort Food

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Nearly two months in Sacramento and I’m still chugging along. I’m seeing all sorts of new places, experiencing new things. It’s amazing. A move of this magnitude is stressful, no matter how good an attitude that you try to keep up, but one thing that’s helped me keep my calm is just how good the food is. (more…)

Why I’m Leaving New York

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New York City. For many, it’s a place to strive to, a cultural Mecca. That is, unless you actually live here.

I’ve lived in New York City, and later, just outside its limits my entire life, excluding the years I was away at college. And by New York City, I mean more than just Manhattan. Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx have all been my stomping grounds (though some to a lesser degree). There’s tons to do and more to see. I would recommend anyone with the inclination come and visit. Absorb the culture, experience the melting pot. But please, don’t try to live here. (more…)