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Noxus is Available on Kindle, iBooks, GooglePlay Books, Kobo & Nook

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Rendezvous on Noxus is now available on Kindle, nook, & all major ebook platforms

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The cover of the science fiction novel Rendezvous on Noxus. It features 4 small ships heading towards a darkened space station.

The life of an independent cargo pilot wasn’t an easy one, but it was Paras’, and she liked it just fine. With her longtime friend and business partner Jabir, they cut their own path through the galaxy, one haul at a time. But nothing that good was meant to last forever.

A chance encounter with the strange and secretive Haben sucks Paras into a world of fully cyberized mercs, shadowy figures, and a lot of guns. Life aboard the Gizi may never be the same again.