The Debut Novel from Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author SA McNeill.

The cover of Rendezvous on NoxusNo one said being a cargo pilot would be easy, but Paras liked it just fine. It wasn’t lucrative or glamorous, but she got to live how she chose, with no ties to anyone or anything. With her longtime friend and business partner Jabir, Paras cut her own path through the galaxy, keeping the bills at bay one haul at a time, until a chance encounter with the secretive Haben turns Paras’ world upside-down. Before she can stop it, Paras is drawn into a world of fully cyborg mercenaries, new acquaintances that run the gamut from hostile to overly friendly, and a lot of guns.

Life aboard the Gizi may never be the same again.

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“An entertaining and engaging read.”

“If you like a good story, good world-building, and well drawn and engaging characters then give this a go.”

“For fans of Sci-fi you’ll find plenty of the stuff you like. Space-ships, robots and weird aliens. For those of you who aren’t into sci-fi, you’ll enjoy getting in the head space of the story’s protagonist Paras and her quirky cohorts through some very nice character development.”

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